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There are ___________ stages in our life. One of these stages is student days. ___________ life is considered as the most important period of our life. It is a period of ___________. If we make right use and receive good education during our student life, we shall be ___________ in future. On the other hand, if we aren’t serious at this time, we can’t ___________ our goals. Students, therefore, should be very ___________. We must think seriously before every step we take. We must learn new things as much as possible at this period.

We ___________ to acquire proper education, ___________ good character and live a respectable social life. Obedience, diligence, regularity are the important parts of student life. We must learn perseverance; it is the root of all ___________. If we are idle and cannot move on according to time, we can achieve nothing.

The most important factor that affects the student life is the ___________. Being a student we should do everything on time as it never waits for anyone. Obeying one’s parents and teachers and respecting and loving one’s elders are the great virtues of a student. Another important part of a student’s life is his/her ___________. A student must have good ___________ and he/she must be co-operative with everyone. Social life influences our character in many ways.

Many students ___________ college expecting good times, friendship and a good sense of direction. They soon find out that colleges come with challenges and struggles because of the great demands and expectations that are put on the importance of education. Students ___________ a great deal of stress many times. Thus, it is very important for them to manage a proper routine and stick to it.

Student life is the best part of an individual’s life. At this time our main task is to study. We should stop thinking of anything else and ___________ education. Education must be given the top priority.



Exercise 3.Find the right translation.

Hello! How \are you? – Fine, thank you. How are \you? Чего ты хочешь добиться в будущем?
What do you want to gain in future? Привет, Майк! Как дела?
I study biology, chemistry, physics, pharmacology and many other disciplines. Я был(а) рад тебя увидеть. Пока!
What do you study at the university? Что ты здесь делаешь?
How long have you been here? Привет, Мария! Рад(а) видеть тебя! – Привет, Рита! Тоже рада видеть тебя.
How interesting! It is a very interesting subject. Привет, как ты? Хорошо, спасибо. А ты как?
I teach dentistry. Как долго ты здесь находишься?
What subject do you teach, Professor Smith? Как интересно! Это очень интересный предмет.
What are you doing here? Какой предмет вы преподаете, профессор Смит?
Well, it was nice seeing you. Bye! Что ты изучаешь в университете?
Hey, Mike! How's it going? (informal) Я преподаю стоматологию.
Hello, Maria! Nice to \see you. – Hi, Rita! Nice to see \you.   Я изучаю биологию, химию, фармакологию, и многие другие дисциплины.

Exercise 4:Make the dialogues using the phrases above according to the cases:



Exercise 5:Play the dialogue and make a similar one:

Student: May I come in,sir?

Teacher: Yes, stand here. Why do you always come late?

S: Sir It is the bus which makes me late.

T: What time do you leave home?

S:I always leave home at quarter to eight.

T: How far is your home from here?

S: It is about three kilometers from here.

T: That is why, you get late. You leave your home very late.

S: Sir, I take my breakfast at 7:30 a.m.

T:What time do you get up?

S: I get up at about 7:00 a.m.

T:Don't you offer your prayer?

S: Not regularly.

T: My dear. It is a bad habit. Change your routine. Always get up early in the morning. Offer your prayers and go for a morning walk.

S:Sir, there is no park near our home.

T: No problem. You can walk along the street in the morning time. Take breakfast at right time and then leave for school.

S: You are right, sir. From tomorrow, I shall never be late.

T:Good. One thing more keep in mind. Regularity and punctuality conquer the mountains.

A: Thank you very much for your good advice. Can I sit now, sir?

T: Oh Yes, of course.

Exercise 6:Translate some useful expressions from the dialogue.

1.It is a bad habit. 2. May I come in? 3. How far is your home from here? 4.I get up at about 7:00 a.m. 5. Change your routine. 6. You can walk along the street in the morning time. 7. I shall never be late. 8. Regularity and punctuality conquer the mountains. 9. Thank you very much for your good advice.

Exercise 7:Find the equivalents to the English Idioms

to be up to one's ears освежить в памяти
to be pressed for time / money прилагать все усилия
to be into smth не стоит и говорить, само собой
It goes without saying принести пользу
to do someone good вертится на языке
to brush up on быть очень занятым
It's on the tip of my tongue. нравится что-либо
to do one's best не хватать времени/денег

Exercise. 8: Read the text and make a similar one:

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